A new update to OmadaTrak Meet Keeper – Diving was release today. Along with a few minor fixes, this release contains updated FINA dive table support along with support for the new NFHS Finals Cut and Reorder change. The Cut and Reorder change is currently only supported in the software, but we are working on solutions that will allow the changed dive order to be sent to your timing console, and hope to release that functionality soon.

You can get instruction on using the new NFHS Finals Cut and Reorder procedure on our support site at: http://omadatrak.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/3000023369-performing-a-nfhs-finals-cut-and-reorder

Be sure to update your software to get this new functionality today. From the Start button/menu, choose All Programs, OmadaTrak, OmadaTrak Meet Keeper – Diving 3.0 Update.